About Evita

You can describe my work as elegant, warm, loving and pure. The world is my biggest influence, and it's lightfall the love of my life.  I guess it's no surprise that I'm a daylight photographer. Always looking for flare or reflections. 


My purpose is to exceed all expectations. The biggest task, and most joyful part of my job is creating an image 'toghether'. Photography that makes all of us smile.


Photography for me is not only a job, it's a way of seeing life. Finding the beauty in every person, at every location. That's why I'm also very passionate about doing productions or assisting other photographers. I like working in teams to get the most out of everybody's talent. 


My hometown is 's-Hertogenbosch in The Netherlands, but no country is too far for a visit by me and my camera. 



I found the lust for life in passionate story's, old cars, ginger beer, a simple game of darts, sunsets, a good glass of wine, wild feathers and wondering during nightfall. The little things in life, spontaneous trips down south, my terrifically talented friends, the smell of a wet forest, searching for new places and finding new festivals. 


My friends call me a 'wild child '. I'm a dreamer and an adventurer. I concur new challenges with great enthusiasm. My passion gives me energy. I embrace the world with a smile and open eyes. Feathers are my absolute symbol, lightly, softly and moving in all directions. My dear friend Koen Jansen made my fantastic logo. 




I'm also converting a Peugeot J7 1976 campervan called (hittheroad) Jacques  and planning to travel Europe with a built-in darkroom for developing wet plates.